Krista Glover

"If photographs are supposed to freeze time, these crystallize what is already frozen, the aftermath of violence, like a voice-print of a scream. Their subjects are constantly in the process of moving toward obliteration. It is death upon death, from animal to document."

Krista Glover is known for her Proactive photography skills. She is meticulous, neutral and technically and mindfully trained.

It’s not at all surprising looking at her work and her service to the police department for more than 15 years now, that she displays a fascination with crime scene photography. Crime scene photography is an amalgamation of art and curiosity as so is her mind. She is fit mentally and physically to deal with all the crouching and stooping and bending that her work requires from her.

Technically, she is stays abreast with knowledge of different forms of light and various camera techniques to extract the most information from a crime scene.
She draws inspiration for her work from the hugely famous personalities of her career – Weegee and Alphonse Bertillon. Regrettably although Krista feels unlucky to have never met them in person.

For her, job permeates all parts of her life. When she goes to a restaurant or for shopping with her mother Ashley Glover or with her Joseph Glover husband, she can’t help but pick up articles around her or the cutlery on her table and examine it for fingerprints. This might sound funny but she believes of the focus and the dedication and a sharp eye that should go in the work she does and that is what is demanded from an extraordinary crime scene photographer as the work is apparently involving the judicial system.

Krista Glover clearly states that in these times of technology where everyone has got a camera for themselves may be an i-phone or a DSLR that does not make them a photographer, they are just people with a camera and forensic photography is much more than that. You deal with the law enforcements of the country where not only the technical expertise but also being ethically honest about the work one does is a virtue to have as manipulating records can be easy, one has to always remain truthful of the evidences captured.

Krista’s belief in her own words – “Crimes occur at any time of the day or night. You might need to sacrifice a part of your personal life for your job. So I am prepared to be on call at all hours. Dedication is an equally important virtue to have as a forensic photographer. You cannot afford missing a call or reporting late because the swift you are, the more proofs you can accommodate at the crime site.”

Krista regards the crime scene investigators where photographers are an inevitable part as players and the court proceedings as a players championship match where they stand with the trophy only when they have done justice by dutifully investigating the matter with their utmost dedication, focus and truthfulness.

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